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single characters

夢     dream

福     luck
茶     tea

謝     thanks

謙     modest, humble 

儉     thrift

謹     solemn, respectful

富     wealth

喜     happiness

囍     double happiness, marital bliss

愛     love

動     dynamic

勇     bravery, courage

健     health, vigor

美     beauty

安     peace

力     power

心     heart

誠     honest, true
忠     loyalty
善     compassion
仁     benevolence
義      justice
永     eternity
禮     ritual
智     wisdom
信     trust
言     words
道     dao (tao)
德     virtue
靜     quiet, calm
禪     meditation
忍     forbearance
氣     vital energy (qi)
樂     happiness
金     metal
木     wood
水     water
火     fire
地     earth
東     east
西     west
南     south
北     north
春     spring
夏     summer
秋     autumn
冬     winter


animal of chinese zodiac

鼠      rat

牛      ox

虎      tiger

兔      rabbit

龍      dragon

蛇      snake

馬      horse

羊      sheep

猴      monkey

雞      rooster

狗      dog

豬      pig



中國     china
上海     shanghai
德國     germany

美國     america

英國     england

法國     france

天地     earth

風水     fengshui 
陰陽     yin and yang
太極     taiji
武術     wushu (kungfu)

和平     peace

感恩     grateful/thankful

正念     unbiased thoughts

成功     successful

友誼     friendship
自在     free, freedom of worldly                    cares
尊親     honorific one's parents 
健康     health
希望     hope
請帖     invitation 
歡迎     welcome
菜單     menu



一帆風順   smooth sailing

一路平安   a safe journey
一路順風   a smooth journey (flight)
聖誕快樂   merry christmas
年年有餘   year after year, surplus
恭賀新禧   congratulations and best                                 wishes
恭喜發財    be happy and prosper
春節快樂    happy spring festival
生日快樂    happy birthday

新年快樂    happy new year

迎春接福    welcome spring, receive good                        fortune

步步高陞    step by step, moving up

財源廣進    wealth coming from far and                            wide

大吉大利    big luck, big profit

快高長大    grow up quickly

壽如松柏    long life with honor and                                   dignity

青春長駐    youth and beauty lasting                                  forever

萬壽無疆    life without end


                       good fortune as                                                   bountiful as the deepest                                 ocean, life as enduring as the                         tallest mountain

佳偶天成     marriage blessed by heaven


                       happy together for 100 years,                        eternal union of two hearts


                       pearls and jade: perfect                                    complements, dragon and                              phoenix: supreme union                                  blesses all

喜獲麟兒     you've captured a wondrous                        qilin (mythical chin. animal)
明珠入掌    a shining pearl to treasure     
鵬程萬里    great ability carries you far   
喬遷之喜    happy moving
鴻圖大展    a grand plan unfolds - grand                          opening
早日康復    quick recovery
妙手回春    exquisite skill gives a new                               lease on life - thanking a                                 doctor
榮休之喜    happy retirement 

一切如意    success for all things

東成西就    success in all directions

萬事勝意    success in every undertaking
萬事大吉    luck for every undertaking
健康長壽    health and long life
福祿壽全    good fortune, security,                                     prestige and long life; all are                           yours
福星拱照    lucky stars honor and look                             after you
出入平安    come and leave in peace
一團和氣    unity, harmony and vitality

身體健康    good (body) health


folding fan. (58x34cm)

white scroll . (50x15cm)

golden tablet. (24x27cm)

greeting card. (15x15cm)example: 鳳 phoenix.

parchment paper.



remember the fountain when you drink



if one caught the fish he forgets the net



even a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step



if your way is 100 miles, 90 miles is only the half



the tide rises, the boat floats



familiarity at first sight



see once is better than to hear 100 times



the frog living in a fountain doesn't know the great ocean



the water of the ocean can't be scaled



it needs ten years to raise a tree and 100 years to raise a human



take care of a flower for one year to see its blossoms for ten days 



humans need clothes, buddhas need a golden cover 



painting the dragon's eye



fishing for the moon in the water



if the night is long many dreams are dreamed



spring wind blowing through the hall



grind iron to a needle



humans plan, heaven does



make the four oceans to one's home



lotus growing out of the water 



dragons flying, phoenixes dancing



the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best



there's a way trough the mountain of learning, hard work becomes a footpath



the ocean of learning is endless, pain becomes a boat



family gatherings bring forth good fortune and honor



blooming flowers bring forth good fortune and honor



spirit of dragon and horse; fly high, charge ahead



welcome spring, earn good fortune



treasure the relationship with someone


please notice:

  • the above mentioned words are just for inspiration. own text or combi-nations are also possible.
  • names are translated individually and phonetically, means they can verify from other translations. 
  • every calligraphy will be signed with a four character stroke ("李志成書", means "written by li zhicheng") and a traditional red seal.