'I immersed myself in an unknown world, was enchanted by the beauty of the verses, the depth of the poetry and the magic of calligraphy. Every stroke, every symbol triggered a childlike wonder in me. I feel inspired and enriched and have the exhibition catalogue carried home like a treasure, knowing that I could open the treasure chest again at any time. What I saw was the 7th side of a dice (Josef Sudek).'

Ellen Koch, doctor, visitor to the exhibition

'Kolja explains with in-depth knowledge and a fascinating dedication the materials, the history and the meaning of the many unknown characters and of course the four treasures of the scholar's room. After this workshop, I was captivated by this art. To this day, calligraphy has a magnetic effect on me.'

 Angela Schuetzler, theater teacher, calligraphy student

 'The noticeably positive response from the students often relates particularly to the enthusiasm and enthusiasm with which Kolja Quakernack is able to convey the techniques and skills he has continuously expanded over the years. Kolja Quakernack also recreated this necessary maturation process as part of his exhibition “Black on White” and thus clearly demonstrated the beauty of Chinese calligraphy to even a layman - not to say art philistine - like me.'

 Alexander Brosch (M.A.), research assistant, Institute for Sinology and East Asian Studies, University Muenster

Fire 火 in semicursive script. photo © Kolja Quakernack
Fire 火 in semicursive script. photo © Kolja Quakernack